Negi LQ-3798 Electronic Musical Melody Mixing Keyboard, Multi Color

Negi LQ-3798 Electronic Musical Melody Mixing Keyboard, Multi Color

Melody Mixing Keyboard

Description of Negi LQ-3798 Electronic Musical Melody Mixing Keyboard, Multi Color

A collection of basic features and functions make this keyboard the perfect choice for just about any player, from novice to skilled musicians. The keyboards in this series are best suited for those who are interested in taking up the keyboard as a hobby, those interested in becoming more serious about the keyboard, and those who want to get back into the keyboard after a layoff of some time

Musical Melody Mixing Keyboard by Negi
Eliminate the monotony in your child`s life by teaching your child through music. This electronic musical keyboard has the basic features and functions of a musical keyboard which can be used to teach your child basic chords and melodies. Learning a musical instrument has shown to be effective I psychological development of children. Therefore, purchase this affordable keyboard and bond with your child over some fun music lessons.

Portable basic musical keyboard
The keyboard is ultra-portable and lightweight. It is ideal for developing a child`s interest in music. The keyboard has the basic functions required for a child.

Develops children`s music skills
The keyboard has an educational function. Learning a musical instrument helps to develop a child`s cognitive abilities. Therefore, this keyboard helps to develop a child`s music skills which in turn supports cognitive development.

Supports dual power
The keyboard supports dual power. Both AC and DC current is supported by the keyboard which makes it a versatile product to use.

Built in grip assists in better portability
The keyboard has a built-in grip which is useful when the keyboard is being transported from one place to another. The lightweight build along with the grip helps in keeping the keyboard secure and safe when it is being transported.

44.5 x 17 x 6.1 cm dimensions
The keyboard has the optimum dimensions of 44.5 x 17 x 6.1 cm which makes it ultra-portable. The above mentioned dimensions are suitable for a child`s usage.

Made of durable plastic
The body of the keyboard is made up of durable plastic which prevents it from cracking or falling apart.

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