Samsung Galaxy S9 active come with a 4000 mAh battery and 5.8-inch display

Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a 4000 mAh battery and a 5.8-inch display


A few years after launching its "active" variant of its main phones, it is not a wonder that Samsung is actively working on the Galaxy S9 Active. Although most details about the phone are not clear at the moment, this week we are getting our first pitch ...

Samsung has launched an active version of its S-series LineWepe for the last few years, so this is not actually a surprise when the S-9 is active. As you can expect, the phone will be a more ruggedized version of the standard Galaxy S9, but with most of the same glasses.

According to Sammobile, those glasses will include the same 5.8-inch display that regular Galaxy S9 is available. Again, as any normal shocker comes as, that display will probably poke curve, and there are never-so-little dense bezels.

More significantly, S9 Active is the best part of the S8 Active, which came earlier - the 4,000MH battery life is definitely a weak point in the Galaxy S9, so an upgrade of approximately 1,000mAh is a huge and welcome improvement.

Otherwise, you can probably expect the same software, Snapdragon 845. The processor and the camera activate it while activating the S9.

In the last years, it was AT & T exclusive, but S8 broke the cycle with a launch of T-Mobile and Sprint. Hopefully, we will see this time almost the same.

If the Galaxy S9 turns this looks like, it would be a yes from me

Your Flat Galaxy S9 will be around here - or perhaps around. This enabled the Samsung Galaxy S9, and it was quite inevitable. Samsung has not formally opened this device officially, but we have collected enough information that we have been torn off.

The Galaxy S9 will probably be a neat little device active. It is exactly what doctors users will be ordered for a specific cross-section. That does not want much more than a Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9 Plus, but it's just like a little more heart-shaped model of two smaller ones. It is next to a line of Galaxy S enabled device which has been released alongside the standard Galaxy S line for a half decade.

Very Clear: A little good Galaxy S9 cannot buy.

The first active device on this line was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. That version of the device was down to the waterways. We do not seem to have a big deal in 2018 where Galaxy S 9, 8, 7 and etc. have already entered the water - but in 2013 it was unique.

Over the past few weeks, the Galaxy S9 Active has leaked several times. The above image is a composite component of the Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy S9. It's a leak, it's more likely to be crazy. Today we have a fantastic idea of what's pretty fantastic here - and should not be there if it's an active model of the past.

Difference: Enable the Galaxy S9 / S9 active
• Battery: 3000 mah / 4000 mah
• Display: 5.8-inch curved edges / 5.8-inch flat
• Internal storage: 64 GB or 128 GB / 64GB

The Galaxy S9 is a very good show, we are one of the best performing experiences on any device. It's a peak in our Galaxy S9 review to read all about it. The only thing I do not have a big fan is the lack of flatness employed in the Galaxy S 9 - and the fragility of the device, as a result, That's not it
The Galaxy S9 is so wrong that I do not want to consider using it, it does not require that I have curved edges, so I really do not find any added fragility to the risk value.

So if Samsung was good for you, then you can go ahead and create another flat-screen active device that will enter the Galaxy S9. That'd be great.

Galaxy S9 (No Plus) has a 12-megapixel camera with a dual aperture setup. It is able to switch between f1.5 and f2.4 depending on the kind of photo you want to take. The exact same camera setup should be present in almost certainly the Galaxy S9 Active-front side camera.

These devices are probably the same RAM, the same processor and the same
The connection also includes Bluetooth 5.0 with NFC, A2DP, LE, APTX, GPS, FM Radio, USB 3.1 (USB C). You will find Irish Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner (Back), Accelerometer, George, Proximity, Compass, Barometer, Heart Rate, andSpo2 (heart rate)

We do not know when this device will be released, but I will not be surprised if it pops up in AT & T and T-Mobile in May. The spring drinking means a new galaxy S9 active means during the dance time. This is just a little later than last year, where the Galaxy S8 turned on April 11 enabled. Leave that much time before the Galaxy Note 9 rolls around.

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