(OnePlus 7) will be compatible with 5G, as well as working on company's US carrier support

OnePlus 7 will be compatible with 5G, as well as working on company's US carrier support

One Plus 6 may be launched, but the company's CEO Pete Lau has confirmed some features for their next flag, which would probably be OnePlus 7. Lau sure next OnePlus flagship, probably OnePlus 7, 5G will be ready. It also shows that the company is ready to be a partner with US carriers to expand its expansion within the most important smartphone markets. In the ongoing Mobile World Congress in China, Lau commented.

Currently OnePlus 6 is available as a SIM free handset in the US, though it is influenced by carrier support in the market. Top players like Apple, Samsung etc have a wide range of carrier transactions in the US that sell for phones on the market. For VanPlus, it will grow in the market with future partnership with a US carrier.

In the 5G Compatibility, one plus CEO said that the company aims to build the 5th smartphone next year, according to a report by PC Mag. "Lau said that its company's relationship with Qualcomm is moving forward towards OnePlus by becoming one of the first 5G mobile phone manufacturers and this launch will be made available in the first year of 5G in the US".

Although 5G was not rolled up yet, players like ViPo, VO, Samsung etc could launch a 5G compatible smartphone based on Qualcomm in 2015. It looks like the OnePlus list will be joined.

OnePlus 7 will start next year in May-June next year, if this year's launch goes by. Meanwhile, the upcoming OnePlus 6T has some speculation and it has worked with the previous OnePlus, if the company will introduce this phone 5 and OnePlus 3 Series Pop-up Camera Module, including sharing OnePlus 6T videos. This video was divided into science and knowledge channels on YouTube, although images and devices of this concept can not be accepted as confirmation.

OnePlus 6T is going to be real if we will wait and see. For now, OnePlus 6 is available in India starting from Rs. 34,999. The company has launched 8 GB RAM and 266 GB storage version at $ 43,999.

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