Elvide Lenovo Z5 shows live image display groove

Elvide Lenovo Z5 shows live image display groove

On a June 5 event in China, Lenovo has been designed to close its upcoming flagship smartphone. Carrying the monitor Lenovo Z5, this smartphone is still called to make the screen-to-body ratio the features we have seen on smartphones. The device released its key specification several times by the VIP Chang Chong of Lenovo Group.
lenovo z5
lenovo z5

Now, via Android Pew, a fresh leak image on Weibo shows that the smartphone has a groove. This is the first time that we see the Z5 with a notch. The previous leak has always been focused on selfie cameras and sensors with a distinct chin housing at a scale-less and groove-low display.

A leaked image with a groove display only ZUI indicates that the device may belong to the ZUK lineup. Previous reports claim that the ZUK series has been disconnected by the company. Many misconceptions about the image of this newborn baby.

Cleared the certification
A final image of the Lenovo smartphone features the Lenovo L78011 model of the model. This particular model has already been cleared in the FCC and TENAA certification listings hinting at its upcoming launch. However, his speciality remained unknown for now.

Taking the hanging screen on iPhone, the Z5 topped with Oreo ZUI that could come with a groove as the iPhone X and run Android 8.1. The device can get the Snapdragon from 636 SOC to 1.8 GHz (it is not a flagship model but Snapdragon 845). This processor has been asked to connect to 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage space, which is accessible to 38 GB users.

Could this be Lenovo Z5?
This feature is contrary to the previous. And, we suspect that Z5 is as genuine as a major smartphone. In addition, we've already come across quite a few exciting postings by showing high-end glasses as the first time 4TB storage capacity on smartphones. The phone may also have a strong battery 45-minute standby time and 30 minutes for a 30% talk time charge.

Until now, Lenovo Z5 is not expected to feature a groove above the screen. And, its mention was standard above. So the leaked image is not a middle-ground Lenovo smartphone and flash pad device. We will get more precision tomorrow as witnessing the device's announcement.

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