Samsung asked FinFet to pay $ 400 million on patent dispute

Samsung asked FinFet to pay $ 400 million on patent dispute

After a federal jury in Texas, Samsung Electronics Co. has been asked to pay $ 400 million, violating a patent owned by the licensing force of the South Korean University. Samsung is committed to appealing.

Qualcomm Inc. and Globalfunders Inc. Patent violations have also been found, but the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, a South Korean top research university, has not been asked to pay any damages to the licensing arm.

The debate centre is known as the FinalFoot, a transistor that increases efficiency and reduces power consumption for growing small chips. Kaiyat IP US, the licensing arm of the university, initially complains that Samsung first refuses to study Phoenix, believing it to be a fade. When the competitor Intel Corps begins to innovate according to Cast IP and develops its own products, it all changes.

Samsung, the world's largest chip member, told the jury that it worked with the university to develop technology and denied the allegations of patent infringement. It has challenged the validity of the patent.

The violation of Samsung was considered "deliberate", meaning that the judge could increase the quantity of three times the amount of loss determined by the jury. The company said it was disappointed by the verdict.

A statement in Samsung said, "We will consider all options to get a result, which is reasonable."

Technology is the key to the production of modern processors used on mobile phones. Create chips using GlobalFoundry and Samsung Technique. Qualcomm, the largest manufacturer of phone chips, is a subscriber to both companies. The company made a joint defence.

In this case, there is a conflict between South Korea's top research science and engineering company and a company important for the country's economy.

Kayst IP's lawyer declined to comment on the verdict. The Korea Institute located in Korea, Kaiyatti IP is located on the coast of Dallas, Texas, and filed a lawsuit in Marshall, Texas - a friendly place for patent owners.

Case vs KAIST IP US LLC US District Court for Samsung Electronics Co., 16-1314, Eastern District of Texas (Marshall).

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Samsung asked FinFet to pay $ 400 million on patent dispute

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