Samsung Galaxy J6 impressive Review 2018

Samsung Galaxy J6 impressive Review 2018

Samsung was once the king of the budget in the affordable and middle-range smartphone segment. But China's smartphone makers such as Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo have already entered and have become aggressive by their offers, Samsung has faced a tough time. In fact, Xiaomi was able to overthrow Samsung from the top smartphone vendor in India. With refreshed budget smartphone lineup, Samsung aims to get its crown back.
Samsung Galaxy J6 impressive Review 2018
Samsung Galaxy J6 impressive Review 2018

Recently the South Korean space station launched Galaxy J6, Galaxy 28, Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 + smartphone which is priced at Rs 13,990 to Rs 25,990. Samsung Galaxy J6 has two storage variants of 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage at 13,990 and 4 GB in 64 GB storage in 16,490. It competes with other than Jiaomi Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Asus Jennifer Max Pro M1, Oppo Realm 1 and Honor 9 Lite. But the Galaxy J6 is enough for a proper purchase? Find out

Good design and display
The Galaxy J6 is a compact smartphone that has a 5.6-inch HD + display, with a resolution of 1480 × 720 pixels and a ratio of 18: 9. It is made of a metal frame, backed plastic and has a metallic coating. Frames smooth curved edges, makes it easy to hold. The speaker grill and the power / slip button are on the right, but the volume buttons on left are left, one SIM 1 slot and SIM 2 and another slot for the microSD card.

Shown, you get a super AMOLED screen, which offers frankly color reproduction, making it better for watching videos and movies. The screen is capable of producing black, black and bright white, something that does not lack other smartphones in the same price range.

Smooth performance
Galaxy J6 Sony's Xinos 7870 is operated by Okata-Core SOC, which is a 64-bit Society made in a 14-Nm finfette process. It has 53 corsets in eight cortex with maximum clock speeds of 1.6 GHz. Chipset is connected to 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM, which changes in place of your choice. We've reviewed 3 GB of RAM and were mostly effective, even when some applications were running in the background

Even casual games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 were also gaming performance smooth. Dead Trigger 2 As little graphic-intense games can be run easily, but some frame drops can be seen when playing PUBG. In fact, graphics settings were being reduced by default, but it did not have any effect on a gameplay. Even after playing for 20 minutes, the device was slightly warmer, and the battery did not drop more than five percent, which is good.

Amazing good battery life
When talking about overall battery life, the Galaxy J6 comes with 3,000mAh battery, which is 5,000 mAh of 4000 mAh Redmi Note 5 or ASUS Xenon Max Pro M1. However, the Galaxy J6 surprised me with a pretty standby time. My use of streaming streaming over Netflix, surfing the web with several hours of hours, casual gaming, listening to music for more than one hour via Bluetooth, and surfing the web with three email accounts of sync.

The usage also includes social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp chat. With all this, I managed to get a screen of an impressive four hours and 45 minutes, regular battery through the day.

Android Orin
In the software division, Samsung's Xplays UI9 is topped with Android 8.0 operating. Samsung has installed some voice recorder, e-mail, internet, Samsung Health and some Samsung customers, which can all be uninstalled. And of course, you soon installed the Google app.

Samsung's top app, which brings data storage mode for Wi-Fi and mobile data. It also brings privacy tracking to block trackers and connects you to a VPN server, thus ensuring safe browsing.

Samsung's smartphone has the Samsung Pay Mini facility. It's not like using Samsung's NFC and MAST cars to use your credit and debit cards. But the mini version lets you add the UPI ID and mobile wallet like PATM, Frequover and MobiKew. And for each use, you get very reward, which can then be released. This is an interesting link, because it exceeds the need to install applications on separate mobile wallet.

Finally, you can keep your biometric data secure and details of your UIPI and mobile wallet also get nose safety. Nokia can also get a secure folder support, where you can hide your contacts, messages, photos, videos and apps, and even after fingerprint, face or PIN authentication can also be accessed.

Video chat
How often do you see videos on YouTube or pop up native video apps and a SMS or WhatsApp message? Answer
Sadly, while watching videos in native or YouTube applications, WhatsApp and messaging apps are only supported. If you can see videos in Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and in any other app like Facebook messenger, telegram or other apps, you're out of luck. Samsung says that most users can watch videos on YouTube and use WhatsApp for sending messages, so this feature improves with the viewers remembering them.

Dolby Atmos
This is not a new addition, as we have seen Dolby Atoms Auto Storage Lenovo smartphones for three years. However, Samsung's implementation seems to be a little different. Listening to music is a pleasure of the Galaxy J6, and you can immediately notice the difference by closing Dolby Atmos. The audio experience is closer to what you get in the Galaxy S9 series.

Good camera
During a recent trip, I clicked some pictures using Galaxy Jill 6, and the results were appropriate. You'll find the 13-megapixel rear camera aperture f / 1.9, and the 8-megapixel camper camera. Yes, the camera struggles in low light and the application requires a bit of fine tuning to work very easily, but the quality depends on the price, considering the value of the price.

The rear camera is able to capture good color in day-light, and dynamic range is decent, however, a bit of low-light photos struggle. Keeping the skin tones, the front camera holds a good cellphone. It was able to click seam with bokeh effects without the need for bi-camera setup and the results were good. Take a look of the sample pictures below. You get an AR sticker, which is an interesting addition.

Bad guy Face face
Now, let's talk about frustrating things in the Galaxy J6. Smartphone comes with a fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication, and it works as expected, there is nothing to complain about, like its competitors, Samsung also includes face-to-face features, where you can unlock the phone by just looking at it. Yes, your face password, but I got it deeply slowly, and 70 percent of the time it did not recognize my face. Comparing I was finally unlocked using the fingerprint sensor, Oppo Realme 1 and Redmi Note 5 offer quick face unlock

In Bixby
His personal assistant appeared with Samsung's Galaxy S8, and since then it has improved a lot. Bixby Galaxy J6 is available, but it only provides the card interface, where you can see your appointment and reminders, notifications, weather alerts, latest news from the briefing app, and a top cab book. Sadly the Voice Interface is limited to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series smartphones. It is not included in the event translation feature, which is frustrating. In my opinion, Samsung used to be well-behaved by robbing Bexbury on this smartphone, because Google Assistant is already available.

Wi-Fi 2.4GHz band, lack of sensor
In my house, I have a Wi-Fi network with 5 GHz modems and I am surprised to see that the phone has not been able to identify the network. After a few days, I was thinking of the problem and switched the Wi-Fi into the 2.4GHz band, which will end when the phone is connected. Obviously, I did not expect this.

What's more, the lack of even the basic sensor on the phone closes first, there is no inferior light sensor, so the auto brightness trigger simply does not work. I end up adjusting the brightness itself every time. Secondly, there is no digital compass or zerooscope and I had a hard time using Google Maps because it did not show me the face. With competitors offering the same features for less, the Galaxy J6 certainly falls short

Would you buy the Galaxy J6?
Overall, the Galaxy J6 comes with an infiniti display, Super AMOLED screen, Dolby Atoms audio, Samsung Pay Mini, and chat video video features necessary refresh for a gen series. Other things to go in favor of good operating Android Oreo OS and amazing good battery life Galaxy J6. The camera is very nice

However, when you look at the competition, the Galaxy J6 is going to be a few favorites. The lack of ambient light sensor and gyroscope is a shake. Also, Samsung can use an advanced chipset such as Snapdragon 625 or Snapdragon 636, which is a great choice for both competing smartphones. Face Unlock features fail most of the time, and Samsung needs to fix.

If you are looking for a reliable smartphone in the Medium range segment, and if these flaws do not bother you, the Galaxy J6 may be a better option than the availability of offline availability in the competition, something that works for Samsung's sake.

If you look at other options, Asus Jane Max will get Max Pro M1, which will come back with a quick chipset, big battery, stock Android and dual cameras. Redmi note 5 pro, you have a good option along with a budget of 15,000 rupees. And if you want to go down, respect 9 lights or Redmi Note 5 will provide good value for money.

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