The best gaming laptop MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018

The best gaming laptop MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018

It's light-strong It starts at LOT $ 1,049, MSI GV62 8RE weighs only 5 pounds and an 8th Generic Intel processor and a VR-Ready GTX 1060 graphics card can fit inside of a smooth chassis so it can provide excellent performance Better news: the speaker is tough, and the keyboard is extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, the display is dull than we do not want, and fans are very loud.
The best gaming laptop MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018
The best gaming laptop MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018


MSI's GV62 is not as swollen as the other gaming notebooks, its short exotic is pretty impressive. However, we have some concerns about the build quality of these laptops.

Black, plastic chassis is soft in the touch and beautiful hair is covered with iftar. A black, engraved MSI logo is brighter at the top, just below where curve meets a stylish arrow structure. Below that, the MSI's shiny Dragon Shield protrudes from the chassis. When I made my way down to tremor, I found out the stylish red glow along the vent grill.

MSI's GV62 is not as swollen as the other gaming notebooks, its short exotic is pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, when the lid is open, the lower part of the lid flexes and you just apply a little pressure. Yes, this is a price-priced laptop, but that flexing lid does not have to be a trade-off.

The GV62 keyboard is quite common with dark red / black colour and red LED lights. The touchpad looks vague, the different mouse buttons are coloured red. Activate the fan that puts the power button on top of the keyboard, and a pair of nifty controls next to it and open the Dragon Center application

The MSI GV62 is 15 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches and 5 pounds in light gaming laptop among the competitors. The HP Pavilion Power 15 is the 1st-inch chassis, the fastest, when the ACR predator Helios 300 (15 inches) 1.5 inches thick. The Lenovo Legion Y720 listed as the most serious among them, at 6.8 pounds.

MSI includes the most port that most gamers need. Beginning on the left side, you will get a secure lock slot, an RJ45 port, a USB 3.1 port, an HDMI 2.0 port, a mini display port, one USB 3.1 port, one USB 3.1 type-C port, and a separate input for one. On the right side of the microphone and headphone, you will get a power jack, an SD memory reader and a USB 2.0 port.
 The best gaming laptop MSI
 The best gaming laptop MSI 


The GV62 8RE's 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, the matte IPS display suggests a well-arranged bright and fairly wide viewing angle, but the panel is not very colourful.

I saw a new teaser for Bambby, and the name of the film's prototype on the Steinfeld has been transformed, I immediately saw how accurately the machine saw. The colour was not popped up and even when Dumbbell stood on Stanfield, he looked like a toy that came out of a hash package like the 17.5-foot assassination. Yet, when the value of the photo was absolutely clumsy, the dumbbell covered in a corner, I could sharpen his details on his head from the vents and make small curvatures around his mouth.

The GV62 8RE's 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, the matte IPS display suggests a well-arranged bright and fairly wide viewing angle, but the panel is not very colourful.

When I played in the Middle East: the shadow of war, three Pure orcs came near to a burning cart, and since Tallinn's face was like a fire, I quickly tear the orchis into weeping. The surrounding bush, snowfall, and the bleeding firms I excluded all felt like an infinite backdrop. What should be glorious and thrilling, instead of timeless, lack of proper colour to bring life to life?

In our lab tests, only 72 per cent of satellite rank rays were found in the GV 62 8 panel, which is below the average of 102 per cent category. ACR Predator Helios has made 81 per cent more, and Lenovo's Légion U 720 got 73 per cent. The power of HP Pavilion is just 15 per cent worse than the 68 per cent.

MSI GV62 was not far behind than the average of 260-NAT class in 240 bright brilliance and it crossed the pavilion (173 NITs), the Legion (210 NIT) and the Predator (226 NIT).

Keyboards and touchpad

Although the colour schemes of the keyboard may be very dark for some, it is perfectly comfortable to use. Unbelievably with a soft chassis, it looks like a finger in my hand so I type like a cloud. I have won 10 test tenure tests for 10 minutes and 10 minutes, which is the average of my 15-inch laptop.

What are 1.7 millimetres with 74-gram acuity ball? This is good in our standard standards, which are 1.5 to 2.0 mm and above 60 grams.

The 4.2 x 2.3-inch touchpad really gets tough and feels equally strong with different club Although the pad still occupied all Windows 10 gestures, I was immediately caught off guard by some. When I got a new laptop, I clicked to tap the first thing, but when I went to the touchpad's options, I could not find any settings. In this way, using Touchpad was absolutely annoying, since I was wrongly clicking during scrolling. However, when I reached MSI, they gave me a supportive driver which allowed me to disable this feature.

In the MSI GV62, the speaker was lenient enough to fill my bedroom with decent and inferior guinea "this America". Early voice singer, but when the song reached the low ton acoustic guitar section, the speaker could not properly highlight the instrument, so it was concerned by the ongoing lion throughout the whole. Despite this, when the voice came, the voice and electronic bits exchanged sharply threefold and Basho, the sound that exploded intensely.

On the other hand, when fans of laptop played Shadow of War, it was really hard to enjoy the word. He ran to tackle an orc before identifying me, as I ran puddles and dirt ran as my step could gradually hear and hear. But despite being a silent, deadly murderer, Tallinn felt that he was running in ORC with a discipline. And that manual fan was without activating so this machine can get louder.
Gaming, Graphics and Bro

GV62 8V with an upgrade of 3 GB VRAM, a Nvidia Gifter GTX 1060 GPU package. While playing the shadow of war I was in the blood of early marriage, but the game was reflected in the 37 to 59 frames per second, and many screens blew up very high settings. However, after I enabled VSync, this problem was apparently gone. It even threw frame rates from 42 to 60 fps, which gave me a piece of pieces on the stone bridge, so that I could execute a brutal execution of Grameen Longtoth.

The number of candle rider is very high at 36 pips and 1080p, and when the frame rate is above the 30-fps playing threshold, GV62 8RE entry-level gaming laptop average (44 fps) or 64 fps of the printer (GTX 1060 6GB). MSI, however, operates Lyon (GTX 1060 6GB) beat limited.

The MSI GV62 actually exceeds the SteamVR performance test competition, a 7.3 to 7.3 7.3 production.

Hitman's Benchmark (1080p, ultra), MSI GV 62 maintains a balanced 51 MPS in a pavilion (GTX 1050 4GB) beaten by one frame. But MSI's machines are still behind the category average (58 fps) as well as the legions (62 fps) and the printers (64 fps).

The Grand Church Auto V is too high and exceeds at 48 fps at 1080p, which is good among the range of average budget gaming laptop scores (50 fps). MSI also produced strikingly similar results as LeJiyon (47 fps) and Pryde (49 fps).

MSI GV62 actually exceeds the competition in the SteamVR performance test, generates a normal 7.3 out of 11. Leona has had a good leadership over 6.7 and the category average of 7, as well as the past 7.1 of the Editors.

In addition, the MSI GV62 comes with a built-in Intel UHD 630 graphics card.
 MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018
  MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018


With the GV62 8RE, the Shade of War silky became smooth when I exploded Baligogmino "America" that filled 30 Google Chrome tabs that were open in the background, filled with guidelines for various achievements and Facebook cats. This is possible because of 8RE's 8th Generation 2.3-GHz Intel Core i5-8300H processor, 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD initial and second 1 TB and 5,400 PRM hard drive.

In the GenBank 4 overall performance test, the MSI GV 62 scored 13,689, which surpassed 12803 entry-level gaming laptops. MSI's machine pavilion power 15t's 11,214 (i5-7300HQ) as well as flowing through the Legion Y720's 12,169 (i7-7700HQ). The Producer Hilos was close to 500 MSI near about 13,587 (i7-7700 hah).

GV62 8RE 4.97 GB of multimedia files have been copied in 41 seconds per second or 124 MB / s, which crosses the pavilion result (69 Mbps), but progresses against the score from the Legion (164 MP) and the printer (188 Mbps). However, none of these machines reached an average of 212-Mbps.

In our hand-batch test, MSI GV 62 transcends a 4K video 1080p to 13 minutes and 9 seconds. MSI's machine pavilion is even closer to the end of the task than 20:24 and even 15:07 class average.
Battery life

Although most gaming laptops do not have great battery life, MSI is just as ridiculous as GV62. When surfing the web through Wi-Fi in 150-inch brightness, the MSI GV62 lasts only 2 hours and 5 minutes, which is below the 4: 46-grade average. It is especially annoying because the pavilion, the légion and the predator lasts all 6 and 7 hours.


If you think about streaming, you might want to get an external webcam, since MSI GV 62 has merely taken a dark grey figure. The red bright colour was extinguished by my supernatural shirt, and everything was completely emitted by my window.

Not to mention the light washed even part of my face, my hair was so clear that it looked like a hat.


GV62 8RE's blaring fan tries its best to keep things cool, but the system still exceeds our comfort threshold of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. After running the shadow for 15 minutes, the device reaches 115 degrees Celsius below the chassis, but between the keyboard and the touchpad, it reaches a gradient of 113 and 105 degrees Celsius.

However, while not gaming this MSI was very cool. After running the laptop's 15-minute HD video, both the bottom and the keyboard measure 93 degrees, while the touchpad climbs above 95 degrees.
Software and warranty

The GV62 8RE comes with MSI's incredibly useful Dragon Center. This app monitors the power generated by the CPU and GPU as well as the free/clear options for memory and disk space. There are performance settings that allow you to control the speed of the fan, RGB range, dpi and speed at which your CPU / GPU clock

In addition, there is a VoiceBoost feature for managing sound in the game and voice chat. This laptop also has a backup recovery image, as well as a tool to rearrange and reset battery power settings. Last but not least, MSI has its own interface to enable and disable WiFi, Bluetooth, Webcam and Display. Under the interface, there are sliders for volume and brightness.

There is some bloatware like music making; Microsoft's Mahjong, Landscape and Minister; And Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda infamous sagas.
 The best gaming laptop MSI Review 2018
 The best gaming laptop MSI Review 2018

MSI's GV62 8RE comes with a one-year limited warranty. See how MSI looks at our tech support devil and the best and the bad brands ranking.

I tested MSI GV62 that gets $ 1,049 and comes with a 8th Generation 2.3-GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5-8300H processor, 3GB VRAM, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU with an initial 128GB SSD and a 1TB 5,400 The next step of the RPM hard drive is $ 1,249 and you upgrade to the 6-core 2.2-GHG Intel Core i7-8750H processor and 16GB RAM.
End row

In its strong 8-inch General Intel Core processor and its fairly strong NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics, the MSI GV62 8RE seems to have stolen at most $ 1,049. Its smooth chassis, superb comfortable keyboards and complimentary speakers are made for a good gaming experience. Nevertheless, the flexing lid, racking high fan and dull performance experience mar. And even if you are not gaming, you suffer through brief battery life and tough touchpad.

For a small price, you can get Acer Predator Helios 300 ($ 1,139.99), which can show more colour, a lasting battery and powerful TrueHarmony speaker which can exceed the fan term. If you are only interested in saving power and a couple extra money, the MSI GV62 8RE is a solid entry-level gaming laptop with a reasonable price. But you can do well.

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The best gaming laptop MSI GV62 8RE laptops Review 2018

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