Top 3 best smartphone in india under 15000

Top 3 best smartphone in India under 15000 in 2015

It's hard to find a very good smartphone in a crowded market of Rs 15,000. Although Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone X, LG V30 and Google Pixel 2, the big guns have stolen the show while coming to this smartphone, but the budget phone has a number of interesting options in the world.

Sadly though, the smartphone innovation is not cheap - and most of it is reserved for high-end phones, However, the budget that was impossible to imagine the technology of the budget is now available at potential possible prices, because of competitive markets and Chinese manufacturers, which take part in the huge market in India.

We have used a lot of them, and many are actually influenced. At this moment there are some good options for 15 thousand rupees. If your budget is near what we just mentioned, then we have some recommendations.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Many Chinese smartphone manufacturers in India, Xiaomi is probably the only one that "Indeed" Indians "have" themselves. His attitude to India was always the same. Starting with Xiaomi Splashing Expedition, talking products, literally establishing "community model" here, and then a bit slow.

Three years later, the top smartphone vendor company here is much more than Samsung's Changer.

But it is not without the reinforced blotches of Xiaomi. Its repetitive updates are being updated today to provide some annoying and real-time Android updates.

I mention this specifically because they really only see two errors in the company's new device. Redmi note 5 preserves many of Pro Redmi's name and its single element. It is a repetitive update of past notes, and indeed, it strives to explain why it exists.

Construction and design
Apart from the golden colouration of my note pro, there is no big difference between this and the regime note 5. They both have 5.99 inches 18: 9 displays, rear fingerprint sensors and metallic materials. Compared to the older geophones, Note Pro is heavy-eyed, which is a blessing in disguise. On the one hand, you can not choose excess weight in your pocket, but on the other hand, it is strongly heavily dependent.

The display always breaks as well, but the note pro will take some small tumblr without a bit of trouble. Among the big things, it's probably a good thing, given that you will be used to carry this into your pocket whatever. I did

The 18.9 display makes it tall and narrow compared to the 5.99-inch screen. It is easy to keep and fingerprint sensor is easy to reach. This is a point on its side, but it certainly does not separate from the current 18: 9 phone. The back has a vertical dual-camera setup, which adds elements like iPhone for care.

Many repeats about this phone, including the display. The 5.99-inch FHD unit looks beautiful, just like any other Shiomi device. The colour is warm and it is sharp enough. Touch response is good and sunlight visibility is reasonable. There is really nothing to complain about here Actually, this exhibition has a better colour depth than Mi A1, although it is only visible as well as in comparison.

Spice and performance
Many ask Xiaomi why Redmi note 5 still runs on Snapdragon 625 chipset. It's reason Xiaomi notes were planned to launch 5 Pro all along. It plays Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 636 chipset, which runs the company's own Kro Core, 8 of them. The result? The phone is noticeably faster than Lalmuni's 5 notes, as long as they compare it as well.

For example, the camera app is flowing faster at Redmi Note 5 Pro, even in split seconds. The faster and regular app loaded bars in the low light photo shooting can often be very slightly faster because I was all because I was using two phones together for most of this review.

However, Snapdragon 636 is closer to 650, more than 625. As a result, it can easily move forward against Redemption Note 5. In terms of numbers, performance increase on cheap variants is about 30%, much higher than today's standards.

Very rarely it is a real upgrade of Redmi Note 4, but the phone you want to buy must of course not be empty.

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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Asus has expressed interest in his partnership with Flipkart last week and now they should check off their box all the boxes that they should call a middle range, on their latest phone Asus Jane Max Max Pro M1 paper.

Zenfone does not shout in the highest Pro M1 moulded, in fact, it does not shout at all. There is no specific feature on the phone that sets it out of other phones on the same phone, but do you know? No other phone offers the same feature for the 10 999.

This phone has an offer for the most possible pricing-money transaction. But there is a catch and a big one there.

The first thing you ever experience about a phone is that it feels in your hands. And, at that moment, you know how much time you told yourself not to judge a book by your cover, you judge them. Especially, when the phone looks good

Zenfone Max Pro M1 is not a phone you can use in one hand. The 6-inch full HD screen ensures that your thumb does not always reach the other end of the 'display'. It does not take a phone lightly, and I mean that literally

The smartphone feels difficult and it feels confident in you. All are tucked into the whistles and the vertical dual camera behind a smooth exterior looks even as it is trying as fine as possible. Like the big loudspeaker hole on the Xiaomi phone, Asus Xenon Max Pro M1 shows horizontal slats in the bottom which looks even more amazing. If the phone was a personality, then perhaps 'soft'

But hello, this is not the phone.

Its aluminium composition includes Snapdragon 636 chipsets, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB storage. They are basically the best you can expect from a mid-range phone. Redmi note 5 Pro comes equipped with the same SOC. Xiaomi smartphone for the base model starts at $ 13,999.

To be fair, a phone is only enough to make a phone worth its value. It's Zenfone Max Pro M1, which is good for software that is optimized for hardware, although Android is not a part of the unit, the stock runs Android.

Gaming is a breeze that no matter the game that you play. The best part is, when you binge the whole night, the battery does not run to you. The 5000 mAh battery is really up to the longest and does not take much time to recharge.

The constant gaming and messaging were around an hour, within a period of 48 hours, and up to 20% to 100% of recharge. Who does not like phones that charge faster?

Even the screen is not frustrating to its full HD glory, although the colour is bright, there are problems with visibility under the sun

Have you ever been so impressed with a device and then suddenly things that will forever change things? Well, suit with Zenfone Max Pro M1 camera as well.

The camera starts incredibly slow when you put Auto Focus (F) in Beauty mode and camera. Go to a nanometer and the camera will catch the flurry.

In their defence, the company said they should solve a lot of issues that do not roll out an update for the camera

Now do not know where the colours are about to focus on the colour of the crabs, the stinking edge and the so-called 'panties' effect on themselves and where to blur. Camera exposure does not work well and white and dark spots with bright spots do not enter into losing all details.

Camera samples
So it's as simple as that. The phone itself is spectacular. If you do not care about the camera, then you will not find a valuable phone in this price range compared to Asus Max Pro M1. But then again, the camera has become an important extension for us. It's easier said than done to compromise on a feature integrated.

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Moto G5 Plus review
Moto G5 Plus review
Moto G5 Plus review

The Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Plus are probably almost on us, possibly with the phone that can be announced on April 19th (in the time of writing). We will be present at the announcement event which has been published as all the details. But if you just can not wait, the Moto G5 Plus is still a contract, and cheaper than it was initially.

Although the main producer battles at the top spot with Small Bizel and Pixel-perfect cameras, Motorola has won more quietly, equally important wars: offers a phone's preferred features without spending too much

The feature says the new Moto G5 Plus has their fingerprints, including a fingerprint sensor, MicroSD support, Google Assistant, Fast Charging, GSM and CDMA compatible pockets. The list goes away.

In this regard, it does not cry much compared to the previous year's standard-packaged Moto G4 Plus - you do not even know whether or not they both saw them.

Refreshing from top to bottom (and inside, too), redefined the Moto G5 Plus itself and it does not even have it

If you want to be strapped for cash, but still want to have Android Nugget software (with road Oreo), it's about $ 229 / £ 230 / AU $ 310 for sale, which is a little cheaper than actually G4 Plus. How often do you see the price of the phone fall down?

Previous owners and newcomers will also get a lot to enjoy here for the price. So much so that minor exceptions like NFC (this feature is available outside of the United States), non-removable backs and so -call camera performance is not far from the experience or standard, although these features are absolutely original, you spend some of the best cheap phones want to do.

Moto G5 Plus Release Date and Price

Now starts at about $ 229 (£ 230, AU $ 310)
GSM and CDMA networks support outside the box
Available now worldwide
Amazon in the US is even cheaper with Prime Minister
While the majority of this and the decision in the Moto G5 will be luxury, plus size phones are the only option available for them in the US. The choice is a downer of the inconsequential, but thankfully, the costs of this phone leave almost nothing to be desired.

In the US, it's priced at $ 229 for 32 GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM models. At that price, it's a little cheaper than the Moto G4 Plus, which offers us less money for internal storage and chips via a weak Snapdragon 617 system.

For $ 299, you can choose the US-exclusive model that comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash storage.

If you are the main customer of an Amazon, you'll be able to get a discount on 32GB models, with $ 205 coming in.

Depending on where you are in the world, differentiate a bit of available configuration.

Asia-Pacific region? You have two models to choose from: one 16GB storage / 3 GB RAM and 32 GB / 4GB RAM. In Latin America, a model is available with 32 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM. In Europe, Africa and the Middle East, there are 3 GB of RAM for G5 Plus and 32 GB storage. Confusing, we know.

In the UK, you will be able to insert the Moto G5 Plus for 24 pounds, although some stores are now selling around £ 230. Last but not least, this phone is AU AU Australia. Available at $ 399 with RRP, although some stores have a list of around AU $ 310.

Thankfully, any version you are compatible with both CDMA and GSM network. Verizon and AT & T plan a switch or vice versa? You are all set with this single phone. A free swap of networks in Flash, or if you're like me, then work with both CDMA and GSM, drag a project fi sim card and drink the best of both worlds.

Amazingly and definitely, all other manufacturers should take note of the fact that its budget phone line up can add to this broad adjustment across the phone line-up.

However, if the Moto G6 and the Moto G6 are almost the same lands, you might have kept purchasing this off.

The reconstructed design makes it feel like a budget device no more
Forcing Moto Z, but carrying a confident look on his own
Concave, multi-performance fingerprint sensor Moto's best yet
The Moto G5 Plus mimics that is a more expensive flash fish phone more intimate which takes the next level affordable smartphone design with a build quality.

Sure, the Moto G4 Plus can be considered looking good on its own right side. It was rolled into a budget handset with a mediated phone to expect from what we wanted to do. But the top-tier quality aluminium or glass is not the same, but not everyone returns all day.

This phone is completely built and it is almost unchanged as well as its previous iteration, which is a good thing in almost every way.

150.2 x 74 x 7.7 - 9.7mm, this new phone from the Moto trims but has a thickness of about a few millimetres and the length and width plus the thickness that is plus. The 5.5-inch screen reduces to 5.2 inches and the end result is a device that is easy to keep in packing.

The thick jade styling features front ear curtains and fingerprint sensors. If anything, we prefer the sense of G5 more sensors due to interstitial design, which makes it easier when you are not looking at the phone.

Set in lunar grey and fine gold colour options (available with the next for review for the moto), the bezels are nicely supplemented by the metallic effect on the closing that surrounds a shiny look and surrounds the phone. We generally see manufacturers choose for a chamfered edge here, so it's cool to see Moto rolling configuration.

From there, the G5 Plus transition is soft behind it, Brast Metal, which draws a lot of patches to attract ordinary smartphone adventures, such as carrier-specific branding and fingerprint. As far as the buttons and ports go, the drama plays for G5 plus the usual suspect.

On the right, you will find a volume rocker placed above the authentic power button. The nano sim and microSD card sit on top of the slot device, while the micro USB port and 3.5mm jack are sitting below it.

There is a full HD (1080p) screen in front of the G5 plus and 5.2 inches centre. A phone usually just displays its as well and thankfully, this one is not frustrating.

Although we take every opportunity to not make the manufacturers leap to QHD (1440p) on more expensive devices - Hero, Sony - FHD's latest fine of Moto's fine is just fine. With so many detailed articles, VR Experiences will display fine and fine Google Playboard games with its 424 pixels-per-inch (PPI) screen.

However, due to Google Daydream's tough guidelines, which are only running on 2K in the OLED screen tech phones, G5 Plus will be dreamed.

Indoor and Out, the IPS display clearly read and spills more multimedia than Moto's previous budget entry. Thanks to the new settings menu in this section, which tweaks the screen colours, a welcome feature for those who prefer to choose options.

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