Samsung and SK Telecom show their progress from 5G

Samsung and SK Telecom show their progress from 5G

The company is one step closer to the 5G commercialization. In June of 2016, Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom have successfully displayed their jointly developed 5G next-generation Core (5G NC) based on the 3GPP release-15 standards.

5GN LTE works independently on the network and provides new features. 5G NC was developed with a new service-based architecture that controls control and user plan breaks, network slicing and virtualized network functions (VNFs), such as the latest version of virtualization technology, entrusted to the container. This is the first trial of 5GNCs that implement VNF based on 3GPP standard-based, service-based architecture.

If the continuous innovation of various services, including the complex requirements, is capable of identifying the new 5GNC service types and processing the traffic accordingly. For example, sensitive financial and biometric data transmission can be protected through enhanced security functions, such as quantum cryptography, in addition, ultra-high resolution images can be transmitted quickly, while super-low tendency can be ensured for telemedicine.

In addition to ownership technology, 5 ENN Control Plans include Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTSP) International Standard which is accepted by 3GPPs. HTML enables connectivity between the core network and web-based services, and third-party services such as new 5G services are easily created. As a result, they can provide the best service to the customers, including network-related information such as location and data, in summary.

5G NC is also characterized by its ability to guarantee both the operation stability and unprecedented user experience. It automatically selects the best path between the device and the internet and if the problems occur, it is achieved by adding intelligent automatic management for network recovery.

"Based on this tragedy, SKY Telecom has successfully verified the essential network technologies for the 5G commercialization," Park Jean-Hiro said, the Executive Vice President of SK Telecom and Head of ICT R & D Center. "We are going to improve our technology development to enable real innovative 5G services."

Chief executive of Samson Electronics, Paul Qinghuun Chun, chief of Business and Reader & D Network, said, "Important steps towards the 5G NC supplementation of 3G telecommunication." "The tests have shown faster, flexible, efficient, and user-centric networks that can be networked with the next-generation core."

Saki Telecom and Samsung have jointly submitted 30 5GN contributions to 3GPP standards and completed several 5GNC Proof-concept works. Two organizations are expected to be established in 2019, supporting 5G NC solutions for development and verification.

In February 2017, as part of its larger commercial 5G portfolio, Samsung Electronics announced its NC solution preparation and a 5G VNF library. The solution has been upgraded to integrate new features defined in 3GPP Standard Release-15. It supports both 4G and 5G core functions.
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