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ASUS ZENFONE 5Z VS ONEPLUS 6 Camera campare: It Goes Across!

With the Asus ZenFone 5Z out offer method, it now shows how it's time to compare to OnePlus 6's camera. Onplus smartphone when traditional cameras come in the traditional fashion, I hope it is better than ZenFone 5Z, past with Asus's past camera (which was not very big).


It was good for my surprise and I could not afford to take a deep dive with my review camera on flagship smartphones. High-time, we came to a conclusion that low-cost FlashPash shoots good pictures and good videos as well.

But first, the specifications are given in the dive.
OnePlus 6 is a 16MP + 20MP camera set of both cameras featuring an f / 1.7 aperture. Front-facing camera also offers 16 MP units but an F / 2.0 aperture. The 16MP camera gets OASA and the camera setup gets a PDAF system for autofocus.

There is something different in Asus Zenfone 5-22. You can get a set of 12 MP + 8 MP sensor with an F / 1.8 aperture and 8 MP camera F / 2.0 aperture in the 12MP camera. The 12MP camera sets OIS and the system uses PDAF for autofocus. Note that Asus ZenFone has received a software update after the 5Z launch, which significantly improves the damn video problem. So this comparison is based on the latest software available both on the smartphone.

And for the better thing now.
Both Vanplus 6 and Jones 5-2 were fast to focus on the daylight position and both were a bit slow in light or very perfect lighting conditions. Both still managed to lock the focus after a second. OnePlus, however, has some problems with focussing the object near the portrait scene. Against a landscape shot and focus (about 4 times) in spite of tapping, OnePlus refuses to push directly to hold you up. This was a problem in ZenFone 5Z which was close to the subject of comfortable clicking.

During the monsoon rainy season in Mumbai, one Purus was forced to pump the saturation level by several to clean the pictures of the photo. Yet, they were not unusually high, so photos are looking livelier than ultimately saturated. But the pictures were such a strong yellow tone that does not like anything. Zenfone has managed to create more realistic and nacolourscolors, but the images did not seem to be more attractive than with a Plus 6. As such lack of Asus in my review loses some points for dynamic range, but fortunately comes with Rescue of HDR mode. Photos that often pull off HDR than the OnePlus are often well-exposed faces.

Asus definitely pulls them off very well, both inside foreign and interior under ZenFone 5Z artificial lighting, so if you are looking for details and looking for overall overall significance, by clicking the sharp gates outside of two smartphones.

Moving to Portrait Mode Portrait Mode (or Effect in Dippa), this identification was expanded when the Generator and the OnePlus were equivalent to each other. Again, the ginfoone showed sharp images, when the Vanplas blurs all textures as it was programmed to do. Still, OnePlus managed to produce a well-looking photo, which looked as warmer when choosing Asus Cool Tones.

Little light
In perfect lighting conditions, both smartphones were not near the material we saw on flashships devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 + and Huawei P20 Pro. But if you have not used this premium flashship then you will not be disappointed. OnePlus 6 is managed to find some better results in more detail, but it is not a big leap above Jenone 5-2.

Wide-angle Factor
Asus Plus 6, ASUS Zenfone 5S packs of 120 degree wide angle lens in 8MP camera Although I appreciate that Asus has been able to use secondary cameras, the results will be effective and easy to work with when sharing with social media. Do not try to shoot using a wide-angle lens in low light.


In my review of ZenFone 5Z, I mentioned how the videos were spread on the smartphone, thankful for the uncertain autofocus which is jumped back or can not be easily converted from frame to frame. (For samples, you can check out the Flickr Gallery below).

Post software updates, things out turned to be much smoother. But Asus ZenFone 5Z can still not match the smooth video output of OnePlus 6. Again the video was fairly perfect so I'm sure it still needs some work. If you love warm photos which smooth out all the details, then OnePlus 6 is a good choice for you.

If you like the details, however, it's a good choice for Asus Janephone 5. Asus provides a better description of her photo, Here's the WishPlus Winner, which offers good photos and great video recording experience.

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