Testing with the Google Home App Recycling Material Design Theme


Testing with the Google Home App Recycling Material Design Theme

Google Home App
Google Home App

The Google Home app has started as a companion app for Chromecast - testing with the Material Design Theme is a redesign of the Google Home App

Android's Google Home app started differently and was initially an assistant app for Google Chromecast. By launching Google home and other smart home devices, the app has been rescheduled as Google Home and works as a companion app for a complete suite of products with the Google Home Smart Speaker series.

As long as it's related to Chromecast, the app does more with adding and configuring the device at the beginning of the device with your home Wi-Fi connection. In addition to this, the application is optional, since most of the features are available directly through Netflix, YouTube and other apps like Holsters, to name a few. Likewise, you can screen your phone mirror directly through most Android phone settings.

However, the Google Home app now works as a platform to help find content that can be used with a companion device, although the app has recently received a new design, a new revision is currently being launched in a single test. The XDA developer shows a change in design as shown below.

The main difference is that the sidebar menu has been removed, and you will notice that the sandwich menu icon is no longer there. Although the font and layout were mostly the same, the menus were moved to the profile in the bottom right corner of the profile. The device icon also looks dual, which comes across as a bit weird. Most of the changes do not appear to be as delicate and as many hints, as Google's design philosophy and language seem to be aiming to bring all their software products.

In a related note, Google Home and Google Home Mini Speaker was launched in April this year, and Google's Assistant Speaker Series Google Assistant Built In. Speaker can be used as a standard wireless speaker, but users can contact Google Assistant on your smartphone as well as contact the AI-based voice association for information.

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