Nokia 2 specification and price in india

Nokia 2 specification and price in India

Nokia 2 specification and price in India- if are looking Nokia 2 specification and price in India. you are right place to find Nokia 2 specification and Nokia 2 price,there will gel full details of Nokia 2 specification and Nokia 2 price in  India
Nokia 2 specification and price in India-Nokia 1 to 10 - For everyone Nokia Well, we're going to go there - after the famous brand returns with the Nokia 6 in the beginning of 2017, 5 and 3 were followed, and then the Nokia 8 flag came up. 7 later showed that the gap was filled one, not even everywhere in the world - as in others, in fact, the expansion of portfolio is continuing in the entry-level segment with Nokia 2 - if there is a budget model, if it is close to $ 100 million
Nokia 2 specification and price in india
Nokia 2 specification and price in india

Nokia 2 specification

If you get to the Nokia World that displays a 5 inch 720p - if you ask us at this price is pretty great at times. It can be similar to the Nokia 3, so it can be similar to Nokia 3, so thumb ups up to Nokia to not miss a qHD panel (small 'q' - 540x960px) in some remote warehouses. It is covered by Gorilla Glass 3, so there is no complaint about that.

Where things start showing dark chipset - Snapdragon 212 is an old dog, a small upgrade to 210, some of which is particularly fast. And that's just being a modest one, we're seeing a single gigabyte RAM and 8GB of storage.
Smartwatches usually do not have cameras, and we have certainly not heard more than two shooters. Nokia 2 has no wearable and has a pair - behind an 8MP camera, and a 5MP front-facing unit. Clearly, there is nothing fancy.
There is a lack of OMF using Nokia 2's battery - a 4,100 mAh power pack packs a lot of promise, 2 days say Nokia. We'll see about that
In most of the flagships, there are scents you can get - such as dedicated microscope slots, Nokia 2 or dual SIM. There are also FM radio receivers, hit, pixel 2!

Nokia 2 Key Features
• Body: Aluminum frame, removable plastic back, Gorilla Glass 3 front.
• Display: 5.0 "LTPS IPS LCD, 1280x720 PX Resolutions, 294 ppi
• Rear camera: 8MP, f / 2.6 aperture, autofocus; LED flash; 720p video recording
• Front camera: 5mp, f / 2.6 aperture; Fixed focus; 720p video recording
• OS / Software: Android 7.1.1 Note
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 212: Chad Core 1.3GHz Cortex, 7 CPUs, Adreno 304 GPU
• Memory: 1 GB of RAM; 8 GB storage; Dedicated MicroSD slot
• Battery: 4,100 mAh Li-Ion (Seal).
• Connectivity: Single SIM and Dual SIM version are market dependent; CAT 4 LTE (150 mbps / 50mmp); microUSB 2.0; Wi-Fi b / g / n; Gps, glines, bds; Any NFC; Bluetooth 4.1.
• Mixed: FM radio, 3.5mm jack, single speaker firing again.
There is no WiFi AC, LTE download speed is limited to 150 Mbps, and charging port micro USB, but do you expect more than this price segment? There is a headphone jack, after all, if we do not specify a pixel 2 because there is no apparent reason, ahem.
Now, if we were not thrilled with Nokia's performance, we could have reviewed it, what does this say about the humble 2? Nothing, at least at least - we'll evaluate our competency. First remove this box.
Nokia 2 specification and price in india
Nokia 2 specification and price in india

Retail box
Nokia 2 comes in a perfect little cardboard box, through which the top printed phone is connected to the 'connecting man' context, of course. Jokes together, you have everything to start: a 5V / 2A charger, a USB cable, even a basic headset

Nokia 2 is a rather decent, but well-built phone. It has a metallic frame around it, and the color scheme is called peer / black, but instead of aluminum, the frame is not created for release. It is considered to be the perfect calm and expensive, after which the non black is enhanced by black color.

Back, on the other hand, very black and vaguely plastic. This is not a bad thing between ourselves and ourselves - we have repeatedly stressed that there is no mistake with the plastic on the phone. Especially this gives a smoke and is not very easy to clean, but the print is not visible at all.
The best thing about the back cover is that it is removable - yes. Not just batteries - Left elephants still, a removable cover can easily be replaced if broken or rolled all. Another positive aspect of this approach is that you do not need a pin to insert a SIM card or a memory card - we were in the office for one hundred pins (thanks, Victor!), But recently it did not have a pin to find a pin.

In the middle of the rear cover there is the Nokia logo, a glossy printed panel shows a cutout of the world around the camera near its LED flash. Loudspeakers are at the bottom right corner of the corner, a placement that we often see less often. It is a difficult fight which prevents it from being thick when it lies in a solid surface flat.
The cover will turn off, and you'll see a nano SIM slot on either side of the phone, there is a simple slide type on the left, when pushing right from the push, pushing the exit from it. These arguments are probably below the correct SIM slot MicroSD slot, so you can risk removing the memory card to reach the SIM card step by step. Oh, yes, you can get three cards at the same time, the microSD gets its own dedicated slot.
Perhaps you've got too excited to think of a removable back cover, you can swap the battery too - we know what we do. Unfortunately, that's not the case - there are at least a dozen screws of two different sizes that are standing on your street - not impossible, not something you do not want doing on a daily basis.

From the top right corner of the 5-inch display you will see another Nokia logo. In the middle of the Innerpice, the duplex, and the side of the side 5MP front camera as well as proximity and ambient light sensors. Unfortunately, there is no notification LED

Below there is nothing in the bezel, at least something is immediately front-usable - there are elements inside the course. So yes, there are almost plenty of meat in the display - Nokia 2 makes no bold full-screen commitment and is a classic chunky bar.
Power button and volume rocker is right next to it. Even if we are strong enough to keep them in the opposite direction, in this case, the power button works better than the volume rocker and the placement is much better than the one mentioned in a pixel 2 - this is a hit comedy better than the Nokia 2 pixel 2

Below, you will find microUSB 2.0 port - apparently USB-C is still very expensive. On the right side, it needs to graft into aluminum frames where you need your tacky stick to get off the back cover - clean. The primary microphone gets its own special Pinhole.
This can be found on top of another pinhole, this one for secondary mic. 3.5mm jack here too.
Nokia 2 is 143.5 x 71.3 x 9.3 mm which is a millimeter tall and more than one millimeter higher than the world's rival Redemis - 4, 4A and 5A. Nokia is heavier than all of them. - 161g redeme 4 around 150g, and like 130-cetitting. That said, Nokia 2 does not really feel too heavy.
Nokia 2 specification and price in india
Nokia 2 specification and price in india

Nokia 2 price in india

3G, 4G, GPS, WiFi Bluetooth capacities connectivity options. Price Rs. The 6099 phone is available with 8 GB internal storage.Smartphone powered by 1.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor. A 1GB of RAM and an Adreno 304 graphics processor ensure that the phone is easily the most memory grant application and still does not show any sign of the lag. With a microSD card, 8 GB internal storage can be expanded up to 128 gb.The IPS LCD display has an inch screen with 720 x 1280 resolution of 294 ppi. The screen is also protected by a corded Gorilla Glass.

Nokia 2 comes with 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera.For the Nokia 2, the best price in India is available in Amazon at 6099.Nokia 2 Price starting from India The best price for 6099 Nokia 2 is Rs 6099 on Amazon, this phone is available in 8 GB storage variant. Nokia 2 is available in various online stores in India, including Pureer / Black, Puter / White, Copper / Black.
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