samsung galaxy on5 pro specification and price in india: full phone feature and review

samsung galaxy on5 pro specification and price in India: full phone feature and review

samsung on 5 pro

Samsung Smartphone, Galaxy and 5 and Galaxy One 7 launched the new 'Galaxy On' series, which last month gave India 4G support. Two affordable models in Galaxy One 5. 8.990 We recently reviewed the Galaxy On7 review on Galaxy 5 price? Let's find out our full review.

Display, hardware and design details ...

The Galaxy and 5's 5-inch TFT display has a pixel resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and pixel density of 294 PPI. Although the display is smaller than On7, the pixel density is even better. The display has a bright, decent viewing angle and gives vibrant colour output. Sunlight is very well-organized, but it is not as good as the super AMOLED display on the Galaxy J2 that is such a similar price. It is not a scratch resistant glass so it is prone to scratches. The smartphone is 72.1 mm wide and 142.3 mm long and weighs 149 grams, just like the 5-inch smartphones.

There is a 5-megapixel camera with upper f / 2.2 aperture with greater contrast, which accommodates 120-degree wide panorama with more people. There are many words in the picture from the front camera if the lighting is poor and does not have any details. It has a proximity sensor next to the earpiece, but the lack of an ambient light sensor on the smartphone, although it has a cutout for it, it lacks the notification LED which most of the smartphones are present at this price range.

Since it is not an in-house light sensor, you need to adjust the brightness manually using the slider depending on the conditions. There is an outdoor mode option that increases the brightness up to 15 minutes or until the screen closes.

It has Samsung's signature home button below to display it has a metal finish nearby. Both sides of the capacitive touch buttons for the menu and back are included. This is not backlit, do not offer haptic feedback when pressed.

The power button is on the right side, you can see a small ridge next to the back cover. The phone has a chrome finish and the smartphone is 8.5mm thick, slightly thicker than the Galaxy One 7. Volume rocks are on the left side, micro USB slot, primary microphone and 3.5 mm audio jack below.

There is 8-megapixel autofocus camera in the galaxy and 5, behind which f / 2.2 aperture and single LED flash. The speaker appears beside the building. The back cover offers a smooth, leather-like finish and a strong grip, the sturdy build quality of the phone. We also have the golden colour variant and the smartphone also comes in black colour.

Below the back cover, it has two dedicated micro SIM slots and a microSD card slot (expanding up to 128GB). Both of these slots support 4G. It has a 2600mAh removable battery so you can easily replace it. Although the smartphone does not see the premium, the build quality is good.

Camera quality details ..

The camera is coming, 8-megapixel f / 2.2 aperture is good with Auto Focus Fie Camera. Camera UI Android Lollipop is similar to other Samsung smartphones. It has several modes (Auto, Pro (lets you fix white balance, ISO and exposure manually), panorama, continuous shot and face of beauty), effects (Gray-scale, Sepia, Negative) and timers (2, 5 or 10 Seconds). Press the home button twice to turn on the camera, even if the screen is off, use the volume rocker as the camera shutter. Unfortunately, it is not the HD5 mode, similar to on7.

Image quality is coming, dialogue shots are good with vibrant colours and details. Macro shots are very good, thanks to f / 2.1 appearance and it focuses quickly, unlike on7 low-light shots have many sounds like normal and images with flash can be average and better than that.

It can record video at 1080p full HD resolution at 30fps Video Quality 8MP is good for sensitive colours for the camera, but the audio is not miserable because it is not a secondary microphone.

For Samsung's Software Details 5 Pro

The software is coming out, it runs Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), the Samsung's own UI, which is just like the latest Samsung smartphone. Lockskin displays weather information and lets you easily turn on dialers and cameras. The drop-down notification bar has several toggles and lets you customize the row accordingly. It has an option to toggle the modern mode and initially switch the SIMs.

This is a smart manager application that allows you to manage your device's battery life, storage, RAM usage and security in one place. Ultra Data Saving Mode, operated by Opera Max, compresses cellular data across all content such as video, photos, media, almost all applications and websites. It uses a virtual private network (VPN) to compress and retrieve data in the data-savings cloud. If you do not want to compress data from an application, you can add an exception to the app. This gives the application deadline and how long it is stored in a month or month. You can also check data savings through private applications.

Remove Samsung Galaxy On5 ram, storage and SD

In 1.5 GB of RAM, you get 1.39 GB of RAM, of which 619MB of RAM is free when the default applications are running in the background. From 8 GB internal storage, 4.34 GB storage is usable. When you insert, you can move compatible apps to an SD card. Although there is a phone option to remove applications on the SD card, 4.34 GB of storage is low because there is no option to switch to SD card in all apps. It's certainly a downside.

Samsung Galaxy On5 Apps

In addition to the utility apps and the usual set of Google apps, MaxCrydomo comes with all the available for Samsung phones. It is available via an exclusive partnership with Mucredo and Opera Max, which is the power of Ultra data saving mode. It does not have any other bloatware or additional games, which is good because storage is already less.

Samsung Galaxy On5 music player and FM radio

This is not a dedicated music player, so you have to rely on Google Play Music. It is not equivalent to the effects of SoundAlive + and Tube Amp sound which can be enabled from settings. It improved audio while listening through earphones. That said good audio through headphones and loudspeaker output It has FM Radio with automatic scan and recording, which allows you to store recorded files on phone memory or SD card.

Samsung Galaxy Dual SIM and Connectivity

It has a normal set of connectivity features like WiFi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. It has 4G connections with support for TD-LTE 2300 MHz (band 40) and FDD-LTE 1800 MHz (band 3) India. Both SIMs support 4G, but you can enable 4G with one signal at one point, the other goes to 2G. As usual, it's smart Dual SIM features, like the other latest Samsung Dual SIM smartphones. It automatically calls a call from SIM to SIM 2, even if a user has a phone with SIM 1 number, it has USB-enabled (OTG) support.

Performance and Benchmark

Coming on the performance, 1.3GHz Quad-Core Exynos offers 3475 28nm processor's average performance, but there is no heating issue. 1.5 GB RAM can handle multitasking fine, but with ARM's Cortex A7 CPU, the Xinose processor is not strong compared to the Snapdragon 410 with the CourtX AS3 64-bit CPI found in most 4G smartphones in the market, including the Galaxy One 7. See some synthetic benchmark scores below.

samsung galay on 5 pro

3DMark Ice Storm is Real

It has 600 Mhz G4 T-72 GPU. We tried many games, mostly the game was smooth and the graphics were very nice. It supports both USB or PS3 controllers via USB. This is our gaming review of 3.5 / 5-star score. See gaming reviews for detailed details about smartphone gaming performance

Samsung Galaxy On5 battery life

The battery is coming in line, 2600 MAAEH batteries are available from day to day heavy usage such as 4G LTE, SIM card, and it can be used for two days with minimal use. Based on my average usage, it lasts approximately 3 and half times on the screen for about 2-3 days. Power saving mode and ultra-energy saving mode lets you extend battery life. Smartphone also has a removable battery, so that you can easily swipe it when needed.


Price is just an average budget 4G smartphone at 8,990, Galaxy and 5 operating systems. It has a good display, but it's not as good as the Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy J2. Both SIM slots have 4G support and offer bright battery life, but Samsung has lost ambient light sensor for auto brightness, yet again. Cameras are nice, and some additions like Ultra Data Saving Mode are good, but not the performance mark, and 8 GB storage is not enough, but 4.3 GB is usable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 8,990, the price range is modest compared to its previous smartphone. There is heavy competition among similar price range, Samsung still needs to get aggressive when it comes to price. It's exclusive to Amazon, but it is not sold through flash sales, so you can easily get it.

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