IMC 2018: Honor Turns To Design, Innovation To Continue India Growth Story

IMC 2018: Honor Turns To Design, Innovation To Continue India Growth Story 

Huawei's other image Honor has been extremely occupied over the most recent couple of months. The organization has propelled near 10 cell phones only this year, including the new Honor 8X, which genuinely is an extremely amazing number. 

Despite the fact that I am a major aficionado of Honor, and I am happy to see them on a come in India as it's more decisions for customers. What's more, I've generally had a considerable amount of inquiries concerning where the brand is going. 
IMC 2018: Honor Turns To Design, Innovation To Continue India Growth Story
IMC 2018: Honor Turns To Design, Innovation To Continue India Growth Story 

So today, I sat down with P Sanjeev, Vice President – Sales for Huawei and Honor Consumer Business Group, on the sidelines of the India Mobile Congress 2018 (IMC) to talk about how Honor can handle Huawei's reentry into the Indian cell phone market and whether we will see Honor gadgets other than cell phones one year from now. 

Sanjeev is the person to converse with for everything from item technique to the specialized angles, and he's a key figure behind the development of the brand in India. We talked about a great deal of things. Be that as it may, don't stress, I'll attempt to keep this one brief. 

Sanjeev, on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea, is the essence of the brand in India, so he had a great deal to state when I asked him how the brand has figured out how to see an enormous development in the nation. 

Adhering to the Core Principle 

As indicated by him, Honor has dependably been about development and trendsetting in the business. He called attention to how the organization got double cameras, unique finger impression scanner, AI abilities on a silicon level, among different developments to the financial plan and mid-go portions, before different brands exploited the pattern. 

Sanjeev additionally featured perspectives, for example, the glass-back plan that Honor has run with for the Honor 8X. It's not difficult to see that Honor telephones have a remarkable identity, which, as I would like to think, is extremely imperative for making due in a swarmed market. 


What's more, it's not just about how the telephone looks, as per Sanjeev. He brought up the numerous licenses Honor has documented to accomplish the screen-to-body proportion of the Honor 8X. Thus, you aren't simply going to see the Huawei Mate 20 re-marked to Honor sooner rather than later. Sanjeev likewise guaranteed the Honor 8X is as of now the hit on Amazon India, however that is yet to be autonomously checked. Be that as it may, the point he was attempting to make was about the novel personality. 

Yet, Where Does Huawei Fit into This Picture? 

Yet, all that is about Honor, and now Huawei is making a major play in the exceptional portion in India. With telephones, for example, Honor 10 contacting the excellent check, the undeniable inquiry is to what extent before each brand strays into another's region. Sanjeev accepts (and he needs us to know) that Honor and Huawei are two separate elements, and it will remain that path for a long time to come. 

huawei p20 ace 

Huawei gets an abundance of mechanical quality, though Honor shares the assets to bundle an alternate item. 

Huawei, as an organization, isn't short of displaying its R&D abilities to concoct one of a kind items like the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro. They are provided food towards experts, while Honor separates itself by offering highlights that are equipped to "draw in a millennial's consideration." 

We may not see Huawei and Honor merging sooner rather than later, however they'll keep on demonstrating similitudes somehow or the other. Truth be told, Sanjeev gave a case of how Toyota and Lexus exist together and advance to completely extraordinary market portions. 

The Way Forward 

Shouldn't something be said about what's to come? Will Honor venture into new item classifications, for example, adornments, PCs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg? Is stock Android a choice rather than EMUI? Will Huawei convey its uber-cool PCs to our shores? Truly, there's no real way to tell at the present time, and Sanjeev isn't going to spill every one of the beans. 


Sanjeev enlightened us there's a positive reaction regarding the new item classifications like workstations and different extras, there's no real way to tell when (or at what value) they will land in the nation. As per him, the brand is trying to end up more reliable with regards to creative and playful thoughts, while Huawei… well, Huawei is simply hoping to upset the top of the line showcase any semblance of the Mate 20 Pro, which I am extremely energized for. From multiple points of view, Honor isn't in Huawei's shadow and appears to have made sense of its character. It's likewise and expansive adhering to it, and there's no reason not to after the inconceivable accomplishment of the brand in India.

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