JioSavnn can change the name of JioMusic, this is the best advantage

JioSavnn can change the name of JioMusic, this is the best advantage

In March this year, Music Service Saawan announced its partnership with Geo Music. Geo Music is a music streaming app from Reliance Jio. At that time, RIL had said that its main objective was to become the world's largest music streaming service. Now, it seems that Reliance Jio has already made preparations for the purpose.
JioSavnn can change the name of JioMusic, this is the best advantage
JioSavnn can change the name of JioMusic, this is the best advantage

According to the telecommunications talks, Reliance Jio Subscribers are getting Savan Pro membership for 90 days for registration for the first time with the number of Reliance Geo in the Savan app. It seems that Reliance Geo is preparing to migrate Sawan's entire music collection to its Geo Music app. Let's tell you that Reliance Geo offers this music streaming free with its geographical plan.

If this happens, then Geo can soon replace its music app with a name like Geosawan. It may also be that live residues and snakes stop with the name of their app.

At the moment, all this is just an idea, all the information about this will be known only after the official announcement of the company. Reminds you that during the merger in March 2018, it was announced that Sawan will continue to work on all major mobile platforms (Android or iOS) such as over-the-top (OTT) music streaming platform.

Jio Sawan will soon become Geo Music

Some time ago, the talk of partnership between Reliance Jio and Sangeet Savaan was revealed. I tell you, the company has taken more steps on this floor. The result of this partnership of the company was found. Reliance Jio is soon rebranding its music app.

Through which Geo Music will be known as Geo Sawan, no rebranding information has been shared. Although Geo is offering Geomusic and Savanna has an app already in the Google Play Store. It can be assumed that after this redistribution, Sawan will withdraw its app. Some users are reporting that they are receiving free membership for 90 days when they are logging in the Sawant app using their live mobile number.

Geo Sawan will be made soon. Tell us about the music streaming service of Reliance Jio, owned by Mukesh Ambani-owned telecom service provider, GeoMusic. With the active plan of Reliance Geo, users can pick prepaid and postpaid bombs for this service. Say, very soon, Geo Music will be converted to Gioswan.

After that, Saawan's entire music portfolio will be made available on Geosown. Nothing can be said about this time because the company has not shared any kind of information on its behalf. However, many things have been said about it. Some live mobile phone users say that Sawan is providing 90 days 'Savan Pro' subscription on first login. For this, users need to download applications from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register with their Jio Mobile Number.

Right now, Sawan Standard and Pro are providing their services to both users. Let us know, users can download unlimited songs with Savan Pro, while standard users can only stream songs on the app. Let's assume that the details of the Reliance Geo-Savan transaction, Reliance Jio and Savan have announced strategic transactions in March 2018. Under which oils will be found with Geomusic Sawn. Suppose, the unit valuation will be more than $ 1 billion between Reliance Jio and Savane.

Apart from this, Jio's parent company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has confirmed that to help raise the platform, it will invest US $ 100 million in the joint unit of Geomusic and Saawan. Talking about JioMusic, it has been the fastest growing music streaming app in the country for more than 80 consecutive weeks. However, there is nothing to be surprised about, because Reliance Geo is the fastest growing telecom service provider in the world.
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