Asus ZenBook Flip S Review: Design Audio Touchpad Battery

Asus ZenBook Flip S Review 

The ZenBook Flip S is Asus' response to the likes of the Lenovo YOGA 730 and the HP Specter x360. In any case, exactly how great is it? Peruse on to discover. 
Asus ZenBook Flip S Review: Design Audio Touchpad Battery


Our Verdict 

The Asus ZenBook Flip S is a skilled and classy convertible workstation. It's, for the most part, prepared for a real existence in a hurry yet, unfortunately, it simply hasn't brought enough battery along. Likewise, it's soliciting cost from Rs 1,30,990 appears to be somewhat high. 

Asus ZenBook Flip S: Detailed Review 

In The Box 

- ZenBook Flip S 

- Power Cord 

It's without uncertainty been a bustling year for Asus. The Taiwanese hardware maker has propelled a large number of PCs in India inside a limited ability to focus time and keeps on doing as such with relentless force. Indeed, I'm composing this audit directly in the wake of going to the dispatch of the AMD Ryzen-controlled VivoBook X505 and F570, in which Asus was satisfied to report that it has seen a 92-percent development between quarter one and quarter three of this current year. 

The ZenBook Flip S is, to put it plainly, Asus' reaction to the likes of the Lenovo YOGA 730 and the HP Specter x360. Inside its thin base, it has an eighth-gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB PCIe solid-state drive. The 13.3-inch Full HD show overlays the distance back to end up a tablet and acknowledges contact input. What's whatever is left of the gadget like at that point? How about we discover. 

Assemble and Design 

The assemble and structure of the ZenBook Flip S is much the same as that of the non-folding, non-touchscreen ZenBook S, which is certainly something worth being thankful for. As per Asus, the convertible's body is "created from solid aluminum" and the body is "manufactured from a solitary square of metal" and "cautiously sharpened" till it's 11.2mm thin. The majority of this shows when you lift the gadget up in your grasp. The surface of the ZenBook Flip S is tasteful and understated to take a gander at and grippy to hold all around. Nothing jabs or sticks out. The ZenBook Flip S absolutely won't watch strange in a five-star inn or in the individuals just parlor of a worldwide airplane terminal. 

Opening the top of the ZenBook Flip S with a solitary finger when it's put on a table is genuinely simple. There are times when the base will, in general, adhere to the presentation yet it's nothing some elbow activity can't settle. As the top opens out, the back of the workstation's base ascents in stature to exhibit the console in a superior composing point. That is Asus' ErgoLift pivot at work in that spot. The console tilt on the ZenBook Flip S isn't as much as on the ZenBook S however feels similarly as agreeable for composing and touchpad use. Craftsmanship, in general, is top of the line on the ZenBook Flip S. 

The show, Audio, and IO 

The presentation on the Asus ZenBook Flip S is a 13.3-inch touchscreen unit with a Full HD goal. It sits near the fringes, giving it thin bezels of 6.11mm a better than average 80-percent screen-to-body proportion. Pixel thickness sits easily at 331 pixels for every inch. Asus claims the presentation has a survey point of 178 degrees, which appeared to be precise in our review test. Hues on the ZenBook Flip S' show seem rich and precise without seeming immersed. They agreed with our showcase test results, which demonstrated that it covers 96 percent of the sRGB shading scale and 75 percent of the Adobe RGB shading scale. Brilliance is sufficient for most indoor and open-air places like air terminals and radiant galleries. 

The ZenBook Flip S is genuinely simple to use as a tablet. To change from work area mode to tablet mode, you require just drive the presentation the distance to the back of the base. The power catch and volume rocker are in favor of the body, making it simple to watch recordings while holding it. There's additionally unique finger impression scanner in favor of the body, which works quickly once you discover it with your finger. On the off chance that anything, the ZenBook Flip S feels somewhat overwhelming in the hands for a tablet. I didn't motivate an opportunity to attempt a stylus with the audit unit yet contact reaction and palm dismissal appeared spot on in any case. 

Sound on all ZenBook PCs is controlled and charming notwithstanding when the volume is swung up to the max, and the ZenBook Flip S is the same. Highs, mids, and shockingly even lows are adjusted and effectively got notification from the PC's four Harman Kardon-tuned down-terminating speakers. Volume is sufficient for discourse overwhelming motion pictures and TV appears at half volume in a tranquil room. In a boisterous office space, playing daze music at full volume is sufficient to draw the consideration of associates sitting close-by. All things considered, the ZenBook Flip S is skilled with great sound. 

With regards to IO ports, the Asus ZenBook Flip S is futuristic to the point that it appears somewhat incapacitated in 2018. Around its sides, it has two USB 3.1 Type-C ports (of which, nor is Thunderbolt 3) and a 3.5mm sound jack for headsets. One USB-C port gets gobbled up when you associate the charger, abandoning you with just a single decent USB-C port. You should then depend on dongles to associate with something so regular as a USB mouse through it. What would you be able to do, however? The workstation's base is too thin to even think about fitting a USB-A port. 
Asus ZenBook Flip S Review: Design Audio Touchpad Battery

While its ports and show are from the future, the ZenBook Flip S' web camera is from the 2000s. The VGA shooter is just nothing more than a bad memory for video calls or photographs. Photographs taken through Windows 10's default camera application look hazy and grainy. Poor people camera is a point to recollect whether you see yourself making a lot of video calls. 

Console and Touchpad 

Before everything else, let me educate you concerning the one keen thing Asus has done on the ZenBook Flip S: it's moved that control catch to the side of the PC—and all the more imperatively—far from the best line of the console. The arrangement of the power catch alongside the Delete key on the ZenBook S incensed me since I'd regularly wind up putting the PC to rest inadvertently while erasing content. 

The keys on the ZenBook Flip S' console have adequate travel (in spite of the fact that not as much as the ones on the ZenBook S). The key pitch (or the dispersing between keycaps) is perfect for composing email and talk messages. All things considered, I would've certainly valued a more drawn out key travel. There's adequate backdrop illumination when the encompassing light is turned out; the backdrop illumination for the console has three dimensions. In outline, there's nothing to grumble about with the ZenBook's console yet there's not a huge deal either. 

The touchpad on the ZenBook Flip S is an exactness unit, which implies multi-finger taps and swipes occur with no outsider applications or drivers. On the audit unit, squeezing the 'debilitate touchpad' catch on the best most line of the console unintentionally weakened the touchpad for good. I had the ability to recoup control of the touchpad simply in the wake of reinstalling the touchpad driver physically. The touchpad was generally simple to utilize; snaps, swipes, and taps happened effectively with no object. 


The Asus ZenBook Flip S is accessible in India in just a single variation. It includes an eighth-age Intel Core i7-8550U CPU and 16GB of RAM. Capacity is dealt with by a 512GB PCIe-based SanDisk solid-state drive. Illustrations are dealt with by a coordinated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU. On our standard benchmark tests like PCMark 8's Accelerated Creative Test, the ZenBook Flip S scored around 100 beneath the HP Specter x360 and the Lenovo YOGA 730. The thing that matters was comparable in illustrations benchmark tests like 3DMark's Cloud Gate and Sky Diver. 

In genuine use situations, the survey unit of the ZenBook Flip S performed splendidly. With over twelve applications open, the PC hinted at no backing off or falter. I performed undertakings like web perusing, composing, perusing, video-viewing, and application introduces easily. Booting up and marking in occurred in close to thirty seconds. Exchanging between applications over numerous virtual work areas happened consistently with no slack or stammer in liveliness. In synopsis, execution is straight up there on the Asus ZenBook Flip S. Its 16GB of RAM keeps it prepared for what's to come. On the off chance that just it had a devoted designs card for rendering light video. 

The ZenBook Flip S' base is warm all when it's turned on. Amid application introduces, the CPU bundle achieves temperatures as high as 80 degrees Celsius. The deplorable part about this is the warmth is felt strongly on the console surface. This makes both composing and resting fingers very awkward. The fan clamor also is on the higher side. As far as I can tell, Asus' inbuilt device to control fan speed had little effect to the commotion. 


The Asus ZenBook Flip S scored a somewhat low 3 hours, 20 minutes on our standard battery benchmark test. With consistently use, the audit unit kept going somewhere close to 4 and 5 hours when I utilized it for composing surveys and different articles. Amid this time there were a few Chrome tabs open for reference and music was continually booming out of sight on a YouTube window. One thing's without a doubt: you aren't purchasing the ZenBook Flip S for its battery life. The HP Specter x360's battery, in correlation, keeps going 42 minutes longer on a solitary charge. 

Main concern 

The Asus ZenBook Flip S is a sturdily constructed convertible workstation implied for an actual existence in a hurry. It offers adequate execution and good ergonomics. Show and sound quality are choices on this model, making it perfect for photograph and video-seeing in any mode. It likewise looks decidedly provocative. Where it misses the mark is in port accessibility and battery life. 

Taking into account that the ZenBook Flip S is valued near its non-folding, non-tablet sibling, the ZenBook S, you have a decision to make. In the event that you want more oomph, Thunderbolt 3, and can live without a folding touchscreen, the ZenBook S bodes well for you. Nonetheless, if a folding tablet/workstation half breed is what you're taking a gander at for your Rs 1,30,990, stay with the ZenBook Flip S; you can't turn out badly with it.
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