vivo NEX 2 has to became 10GB of RAM, in-screen speaker, f/1.3 camera

vivo NEX 2 to have 10GB of RAM, in-screen speaker, f/1.3 camera 

The vivo NEX 2 will likely have 10GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 chipset. The information is confirmed by a Geekbench listing of a vivo V1821A gadget with the previously mentioned accreditations. Interestingly the vivo being referred to is likewise running Android 9 Pie, which would make it the first vivo smartphone on Android's most recent programming. 

According to a related release, the main camera on the back of the vivo NEX 2 (one of three) will have a ultra quick f/1.3 aperture - claiming the spot of the smartphone with the widest aperture around. 

Concerning the screens, talk has it the main screen will be a 6.59-inch board with screen sound casting tech (meaning you'll hear calls through the screen itself, as on the principal gen vivo NEX) while the second showcase will be a 5.5-incher that will work independently. We know how vivo intends to switch between screens - with a three-finger motion. 

Finally the vivo NEX 2 will clearly accompany a littler battery contrasted with its opponent. This could be because of the space required for the second screen. Obviously the information could likewise be false.
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