Windows 10 BSOD: Pricey Surface Book 2s bricked by latest 1803 update

Windows 10 BSOD: Pricey Surface Book 2s bricked by latest 1803 update 

Sleuthing Surface Book 2 owners make sense of Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update is to be faulted for Blue Screen of Death woes. 
Windows 10 BSOD: Pricey Surface Book 2s bricked by latest 1803 update

Bugs in Microsoft's latest cumulative Windows 10 update have left Surface Book 2 owners suspicious that Microsoft isn't properly testing its software all alone flagship equipment. 

Just two months after Consumer Reports reinstated its 'suggested' rating for the Surface Book 2, Microsoft's software updates undermine to disentangle trust in the Surface brand and, in the process, irritate consumers who paid around $3,000 for the flagship Surface Book 2. 

Individuals on Microsoft's answers forum and on Reddit are grumbling about Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD, issues that started happening in the wake of installing cumulative update, KB4467682, released last Tuesday for Windows 10 version 1803. 

Influenced systems are detailing the blunder code 'SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED', as indicated by users. 

While several users on one Reddit string have helped the issue by uninstalling KB4467682, users on another Reddit string report that uninstalling the update bricks the pricey Microsoft convertible. Users are announcing that devices are also encountering BSOD amid the reboot in the wake of uninstalling it. 

Influenced Surface Book 2 owners are feeling let down and many are pondering whether Microsoft isn't properly testing its software updates - an issue it's experienced harsh criticism for as of late because of the information cancellation bug in the Windows 10 1809 update. 

"I was getting BSOD on my SB2 and limited it down to KB4467682. You would figure it would be one of the first platforms they test the updates on because of the reputational risk of bricking their flagship equipment with their flagship software. Extremely disappointing," kept in touch with one Reddit user. 

Another remarked: "Well, for reasons unknown expelling the update bricked my Surface. Presently I can't get into the OS. Just have blue screens. I should reinstall windows. Windows truly needs a survey on their updates...". 

As for why the devices move toward becoming bricked in the wake of uninstalling the update, one user points to the possibility this is being caused by Surface Book 2 firmware updates that Microsoft released alongside the cumulative Windows update. The firmware updates incorporated several Intel driver updates. 

So far Microsoft hasn't remarked on the issue aside from a Microsoft Agent on Monday who expressed gratitude toward a user for announcing the issue on Microsoft's answers forum. Be that as it may, the post suggests Microsoft isn't any wiser about the cause of the BSOD issues than Surface Book 2 owners. The specialist just recommends resetting the gadget using a USB recuperation picture.

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