iPhone XS Max Catches Fire in US Man's Pocket: Report

iPhone XS Max Catches Fire in US Man's Pocket: Report 

the organization's latest-age iPhones, which includes iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

A three-week-old iPhone XS Max ₹ 104,405 smartphone reportedly burst into flames in the back pocket of man from Ohio, the United States not long ago. The person has been in contact with Apple over the issue yet expressed his disappointment over the substitution choice given by the organization. He is currently clearly considering lawful remedies for his situation. This is the first report asserting a fire-related mishap with any of the organization's latest-age iPhones, which includes iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. 

As indicated by a report in iDropNews, a person who wishes to be alluded to as J. Hillard claims that he was on his meal break on December 12 when he saw a strange smell from his iPhone and felt "a lot of warmth" in his back pocket and consuming sensation on his skin. He adds that it was trailed by a green and yellow shaded smoke leaving the iPhone XS Max. A partner at that point reportedly used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, which left a gap in Hillard's pants and agony/aggravation on his skin. 

"From the season of first seeing the fire and between evacuation of the pants and removing the phone from my pocket and placing it outside, I breathed in A LOT of smoke. Later in the day, the group told me about the video that the workplace security camera caught," Hillard told the iDropNews. 

Hillard later the same day visited an Apple Store to report the issue, where he was obviously told that the consumed iPhone was should have been sent to the organization's building group and that was the main way he could get a substitution unit from the Cupertino-based organization. He also claims that he was not offered any compensation for his clothes and shoes that were demolished in the episode by the store and even by Apple Care that he had reached subsequent to returning unsatisfied from the store. 

Hillard stated that a substitution iPhone is not a worthy solution for him, and he is also seeking compensation for his clothes, shoes and the wireless service he had no access to amid the period. 

We were not able to freely confirm the claims made by J Hillard. Apple is yet to authoritatively issue any statement about the supposed occurrence. We've contacted Apple for input on the issue and will refresh this space when we hear back. The latest episode comes just over multi-month after an iPhone X reportedly got hot and detonated amid a software refresh.
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