Mi Bumblebee: Xiaomi launches the Mi Computer like a Bumblebee Backpack shaped

 Mi Bumblebee: Xiaomi launches the Mi Computer like a Bumblebee Backpack shaped

Xiaomi launches the Mi Bumblebee Computer Backpack shaped like a Bumblebee

Xiaomi's partnership with Hasbro, owner of the Transformer franchise dates back to 2016 when the two firms collaborated to release a Transformer robot that can transform into a spurious Mi Pad tablet. Xiaomi has now been licensed by Hasbro to fabricate the Mi Bumblebee computer backpack which is shaped like a Bumblebee. In case you don't have a clue, Bumblebee is an anecdotal robot character from the Transformers franchise. In most versions, Bumblebee is a small, yellow with dark stripes Autobot. The character is named after the Bumblebee, a dark and-yellow striped honey bee which inspired his paint scheme. 

The Xiaomi Bumblebee Backpack features a cool and stiff body with a special defensive twofold layer shell on ergonomic design. As stated, the design is inspired by the Bumblebee in Transformers and it features a faceted component and an angled intense body with high strength and additional expansive space. With an all out inward limit of 16L, the backpack has reasonable storage. 

Its perimeter is 53x35x16cm, and the surface is a twofold shell with a blend of high-strength PC and EVA material. The design also includes a shrouded zipper which is put at the back. The shoulder strap is stuffed with cotton fixing with an inherent gear strap. On the interior, there is a separate computer compartment produced using cashmere material and which can easily hold a 15.6-inch workstation and is outfitted with various capacity storage pockets. There are different partitions which are separable and designed to meet distinctive storage needs. 

The Mi Bumblebee computer backpack will be accessible in Beetle Yellow and Armor Gray. It comes with a sticker price of 539 yuan ($79). Xiaomi is yet to uncover when the backpack will go on sale.

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