Latest news Huawei has grown the fastest ever Q4 of 2018, among Apple, Samsung and other

Latest news Huawei has grown the fastest ever Q4 of 2018, among Apple, Samsung and other

Latest news Huawei registers most grounded growth in Q4 2018 among Apple, Samsung and other top global players

Mumbai: Signaling another cell phone vendor war in 2019, Chinese player Huawei sold more than 60 million smartphones in the final quarter of 2018, accomplishing the most grounded growth of 37.6 percent among the top five global players, Gartner said on Thursday. 

Global sales of smartphones to end users slowed down in the quarter, totaling 408.4 million units - a growth of simply 0.1 percent over the final quarter of 2017. 

Samsung sold 70.7 million units and accumulated ahead of all comers with a 17.3 percent share. 

Sales of Apple iPhones hit 64.5 million units in the final quarter. Apple at second spot with a 15.8 percent market share recorded its most noticeably awful quarterly decrease (11.8 percent) since the primary quarter of 2016. 

The share of Huawei - at third spot with 14.8 percent market share - grew all through 2018 to close the hole with Apple. 

"Past its fortifications of China and Europe, Huawei kept on expanding its interest in Asia/Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, to drive further growth," said Anshul Gupta, Senior Research Director at Gartner. 

"Huawei additionally misused growth openings through proceeded with development of the Honor arrangement in the second 50% of 2018, particularly in developing markets, which helped Huawei grow its market share to 13 percent in 2018," Gupta educated. 

In the final quarter, Apple saw iPhone request debilitate in many districts, with the exception of North America and develop Asia/Pacific. For 2018 in general, iPhone sales were down 2.7 percent, to a little more than 209 million units. 

"Interest for passage level and mid-cost smartphones stayed solid crosswise over markets, however interest for the top of the line smartphones kept on moderating in the final quarter of 2018," said Gupta. 

At the top of the line, Samsung smartphones, for example, the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note9 attempted to drive growth. 

In the mid-level section, Xiaomi and Huawei kept on snatching more market share. Thus, Samsung's cell phone sales declined by 4.4 percent. 

"Samsung presented new midtier-centered "M" arrangement smartphones in the main quarter of 2019 to contend with forceful Chinese makers in developing markets, and to venture into the online sales channel," Gupta noted. 

In 2018 overall, global sales of smartphones to end users (driven by Samsung at 19 percent market share) grew 1.2 percent year over year to 1.6 billion units. 

"In develop markets, interest for smartphones to a great extent depends on the intrigue of leader smartphones from the top three brands - Samsung, Apple and Huawei - and two of them recorded decreases in 2018," included Gupta.
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