OPPO 10X Optical Zoom features on the official demo video

OPPO 10X Optical Zoom features on the official demo video

OPPO 10X Optical Zoom feature stars in the official demo video 

About a month ago, OPPO revealed its achievement technology known as 10X optical zoom technology for cell phone cameras. The feature is an update of the 5X lossless zoom which was revealed a year ago and has been including in OPPO cell phones. Two or three years back, it would have sounded insane to envision that sharpen cameras would most likely catch clear shots of articles that are zoomed in up to multiple times. However, OPPO's 10X optical zoom technology appears to have eradicated all questions. The feature is the first since forever 10X optical lossless zoom tech to hit cameras. A demo video of the feature in real life has seemed on the web. 

The video previously showed up on China's microblogging stage Weibo yet has been transferred on YouTube on account of the folks at Sparrow News. It demonstrates the feature going from X2 zoom directly through to 10X with no issue. The image still keeps up its clearness with no indication of fogginess. 

OPPO has revealed that the new 10X optical zoom camera tech will be mass delivered in H1 of 2019 and will proceed till the finish of this current year. It very well may be utilized through fax, super-wide-point, and ultra-clear camera sensors to accomplish 15.9mm-159mm of central length. It is a leap forward in cell phone camera technology.
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