Leica Q2 Full-Frame Camera Launched With 47.3-Megapixel Sensor, 4K Video Recording

Leica Q2 Full-Frame Camera Launched  With 47.3-Megapixel Sensor, 4K Video Recording

Leica Q2 Full-Frame Camera Launched  With 47.3-Megapixel Sensor, 4K Video Recording

Leica Q2 has debuted as the new entrant in the company's notable Q series. Just like the first-age Leica Q that was launched more than three years back, the new model packs a 28mm Summilux ASPH prime lens with an f/1.7 gap. The Leica Q2, be that as it may, packs some upgrades, including 4K video recording support and a bigger, 47.3-megapixel full-outline sensor. There is also the capacity to simulate focal lengths. The Leica Q2 comes with a sticker price of $4,995 (generally Rs. 3,50,000) and is as of now on sale in the US. It will achieve India around mid-April, the company has declared. 

The design of the Leica Q2 is reminiscent of the first Leica Q full-outline camera that was uncovered back in June 2015. There is a classic form that comes with defensive sealing against dust and water spray. Nevertheless, the German company has given some significant changes to the new model to make it easily distinguishable from its predecessor. There is a new thumb rest as well as a precious stone example on the cowhide trim. 

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Among other significant changes, the Leica Q2 comes with a 47.3-megapixel picture sensor that is fit for catching top-notch skills as well as recording 4K videos with casing rates of 30 or 24fps. It can also record full-HD (1080p) videos with an edge rate of 120, 60, 30, or 24fps. In addition, there is a set of microphones to support stereo sound recording. 

In contrast, the Leica Q had a 24-megapixel picture sensor. The company has, in any case, held the 28mm Summilux f.1.7 ASPH lens in the Q2. The camera also has a 3.68-megapixel OLED viewfinder and a 3-inch TFT screen with support for contact inputs. 

The Leica Q2 is equipped for catching 10 photos every second and comes with a picture processor from the Maestro II family. Also, there is an exclusive autofocus system that is touted to bolt the focus on a subject in 0.15 seconds. The new Leica camera can also simulate focal lengths such as 35mm, 50mm, and 70mm. It as a matter of course, of course, supports the first 28mm of focal length. 

Leica has given the alternative to save the trimmed images with a correspondingly diminished resolution of 47.3, 30, 14.7, or 6.6-megapixels. Moreover, the camera saves the uncropped picture simultaneously in DNG (crude) design with full, 47.3-megapixel resolution. 

The Leica Q2 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) network. It can also be used with the Leica Fotos application that allows users to share their photos and videos on social media or remotely control the shutter of the camera. 

The Leica Q2 has a new shutter release button that controls just the on/off capacity. This is not normal for the Leica Q that was putting forth continuous shooting by long-pressing the shutter release button. Nevertheless, the users can access the continuous shooting highlight from the camera menu. 

The Leica Q2 packs a 1,860mAh battery. Besides, it measures 130x80x91.9mm and weighs 734 grams (with battery).
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