Galaxy Note 10 Concept: We want to see what Samsung is all about

Galaxy Note 10 Concept: We want to see what Samsung is all about

Galaxy Note 10 Concept: We want to see what Samsung is all about
Galaxy Note 10 Concept: We want to see what Samsung is all about

We are waiting for the Galaxy Note 10 concept, finally released. The Samsung Galaxy S10 store has come up on the shelf, and the focus is starting to move towards other upcoming products launch. We're already talking about the idea of ​​the iPhone Z by caviar, and now it's time to talk about the new Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note 10 presents the idea

The well-known animation concept creator has published a video of whether they will have the new Galaxy Note 10 idea. Although this product is not a realistic one, it can be pretty cool what it actually puts on Samsung's reviews while actually releasing 10 versions. According to Sam Mobile, this video presents a credible concept of what the video can expect from the next model.

Similar to S10 and S10 +

The video shows a device that puts a square off of the note line. However, it shows some similarity between the Galaxy Note 10 concept and the S10 and the S10 + phone. The S10 5G is a camera setup that is somehow portrayed in the video.

 The S10 5G camera module has a 12MP wide, 12MP telephoto, 16MP non-wide and dedicated time off flight (TOF) sensor. The module has an inbuilt showbread sensor, and the whole module only lathi-charged by a few millimeters behind the phone.

The phone on the S10 line has an Infinity and Display, and the Galaxy Note 10 displayed on the video shows the same display. This will be an intelligent step to Samsung, because of the choice of the new model's standard infinity display, the technology will be a step backward for the giant.


The video released by Concept Creator has a distinguishing feature. Front facing camera is mounted at the center of the screen. This is not ideal for Samsung, which has the latest models mounted on the upper right side of the screen and usually has a dual camera system. This special item from Galaxy Note 10 is different from Samsung's designation as their normal setup, but it can be seen whether this actually happens.

4 model rumors

There are 4 models in the concept of Galaxy Note 10 which have rumors of development. They include 2 4G models and 2 5G models. We understand that there will be 2 different screen sizes. Smaller models will have a 6.28 inch screen, the larger will have a screen of 6.75 inches.


Samsung has long been competing with Apple and Google for the market share. Apple's iPhone and iPad line mobile users have been favorite for many years. Google released some hot items with its pixel lineup. The new Galaxy Note 10 will have some hard competition when the holder hits the shelf.
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