Samsung Galaxy Mode Launch date is delayed, the company says 'need further improvement'

Samsung Galaxy Mode Launch date is delayed, the company says 'need further improvement'

On Monday after the problem with the handset sent to the critics, it asked to delay the launch of its fold smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Mode Launch date is delayed, the company says 'need further improvement'
Samsung Galaxy Mode Launch date is delayed, the company says 'need further improvement'

There are some critics who raise issues towards the Galaxy, breaking problems with the fall of the screen.

Samsung said this week after some reviews, the decision to stop the planned release of this week "shows us how the device needs further improvement."

South Korean consumer electronics giant plans to announce the new release date for Galaxy Follers in the coming weeks.

The preliminary analysis of the problems related to the Galaxy Mode screens show that they "can affect the open area at the top and bottom of the hing," said Samsung.

According to the company, there was also an example of the indefinite "substance" found inside the smartphone of a Galaxy phone with an unstable display.

"We will take action to protect the display protection," Samsung said.

"We will improve the guidance on the care and use of the display with the protective level."

The US-based journalists were given a $ 1,980 flagship Galaxy Fol phone rather than the official release of a handful, and they reported screen problems within a few days of using the devices.

Samsung has spent about eight years creating galaxy foil, which is part of the smartphone manufacturer's strategy to increase growth with groundbreaking gadgets.

According to Rob Anderson, an independent technology analyst, the company must have supplied "Beta Products" to critics without the necessary information, such as not maintaining a permanent quota.

"It was unanimous for a company for Samsung's size," Anderson said.

The failure of "hello products" to show innovation and quality can ruin the brand and send buyers to the competitor.

"If the halo product fails, then people do not believe that you create quality components", Anderle said.

"It can do incredible damage, and Huawei is running like a rocket, so it can be good for Huawei."

Save life

Creative Strategist Analyst Caroline Milanesei told AFP that he has done fine in the Galaxy trap, and even working in such dirty situations occasionally even in everyday living.

Some problems that are being reviewed on the smartphone are whether the dust, humidity, or other material can reach the handset and think whether the handset is coming from the lower open part of the top and bottom part of the foot.

"If the stuff gets there, it can make its way under the screen," Milanese said.

"There can be such a real-life test that may not have happened."

A lab testing folded phone is much different scenario than the "challenge among the wild" people where they need to endure pockets, handbags, greasy food, coffee and more spit, analyzers noted.

Samsung will have to do more to show more careful handling warranties on how the panning screens will be compared to the strongest display on smartphones.

The slightest delay in the launch of the Milanesi Galaxy did not expect to fold to a big push for Samsung, that model offered a big driver's price and that the services or apps are still unlikely to be adapted to the new smartphone type.

According to analysts, Samsung smartphones are protected to work with fast-paced telecommunication networks, which are more important than the bottom lines of the company at the earliest horizons.

"It's still the primary day for the 5G, but this product is going to create a difference for Samsung," Milanese said.

Samsung is the world's largest smartphone maker and earlier this month it launched the 5G version of the leading Galaxy S10 device.

Samsung added the problem
In spite of the latest announcement of its new high-end devices, in the face of weak markets, the first-quarter operating profit has dropped by more than 60 percent.

Strong device issues are no strangers.

In his memory of a globally global recollection of his worldwide note of Galaxy Note 7 on the Billboard Explosion in 2016, his fame earned a big hit, which cost millions billions of dollars and broke the brand image worldwide.

Samsung originally planned to release the Galaxy Fail on the 26th of April.

Samsung's device was not the first fold handset, but the smartphone giant was expecting a possible recovery in a sector struggling to help Spark demand and innovate.

Other folding devices were launched by Startup Rayol and Chinese based Huawei.

By far, Samsung Electronics has become the largest subsidiary of the Samsung Group, dominated by the family-controlled power of the world's 11th largest economy, and it is very important in South Korea's economic health.

In recent years, with the profit of the company's record profit, there are some hazards, including its principal chief's prison.


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